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Ignite your post-Raya fitness journey with the ultimate non-slip Sports Hijab.
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Magnet Hijab Pins

Tired of damaging hijab by using pins? SABA Magnet Pin is fuss-free and strong enough to actually replace pins. An ultra-strong magnet that won't snag even the most delicate fabrics.
LITE Sports Hijab - "It’s light weight and breathable, as well as fashionable. It doesn’t... — Nisa
Absolutely love 3in1 Hijab with magnets, makes it easier to wear hijab thank you SA... — Shasna B.
Silk Lined Inner - “Hair feels more manageable than before. Highly recommend to try... — Dhiah L.
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Our Story

Our motto is to empower women with confidence in modesty.
We are not just selling scarves. We are delivering dreams and confidence to women who choose modesty. SABA Singapore was founded by a young Muslim woman. Her father taught her that the world holds boundless potential – where the impossible becomes possible with hard work. It is this limitless potential that sparked the creation of SABA Singapore, the company that believes in helping women express themselves through modesty. Our products have reached the hearts of Muslim women worldwide, namely Singapore, Australia, Japan, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Turkey, South and North America, England, Europe and many more.
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Your favourite
What hijab style do you most frequently wear? What are your favorite hijabs to wear and why? We love to hear you
Our values
Why do you think it’s important for us, as Muslim women, to take time for ourselves, to pay attention to our hijab and how we present ourselves in a cosmopolitan society?
Discovering myself 
Inspiration comes from everywhere. What’s new, what’s trending? Live a life that is truly full. Do this in a modest way. Alhamdullilah, I am Muslim.